May 27, 2015

School Day

School runs from 08.40 for 08.45 in the morning through to 15.00 in the afternoon. There is a mid-morning break of twenty minutes and lunchtime is an hour, from 12.00.
08.40 for 08.45 Morning Registration
10.30 – 10.50 Break
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch Break
13.00 Afternoon Registration
15.00 Close of School
15.00 – 16.00 Clubs and Groups (see clubs page)


Please try to arrive on time each day – but better late than never! Children shouldn’t arrive in the school grounds before 08.30, as the playground is unsupervised before this time.


The whole school join together three times for a ‘gathering’.

Monday 10.10am: Gathering is led by Mr Elkington and is an opportunity to welcome children and staff to the week ahead and discuss this month’s school value.

Wednesday 2.30pm: This is our singing gathering. It is led by a member of senior leadership team and is very much enjoyed by both children and staff as we come together to sing old favourites and learn new songs.

Friday 2.30pm: Pick of the Week. This is special time in the week where the best work and achievements from each class are celebrated with the whole school.

Children also meet together once a week in age groups to discuss this month’s value  in greater depth and relevance for their age. These gatherings are led by class teachers.

Absence from School

If your child is away from school for any reason, we require a phone call to the school office advising us of this with the reason for absence. On returning to school following an absence, you should provide a letter stating the reason for the absence so this may be placed on your child’s file. All information provided is in strict confidence. In some circumstances absences may be recorded as authorised.

Appointment cards for visits to dentist, doctor or hospital should always be provided. In some cases we understand this may be after attending an appointment (ie doctor) and parents are advised to ask for a card saying you have attended the surgery. We are also being asked to discourage authorisation of holidays in term time from September 2012, unless there are exceptional circumstances. (This does not include cheaper rates during term time). Please think very carefully before you make future holiday requests, which must include your reasons for needing to take a term time holiday. The absence will be recorded as unauthorised if no reason is provided or if holiday period(s) extends beyond ten days.

Administering Medicine in School

If your child needs to have medication administered during school hours you will need to download and complete the relevant agreement form. Please complete the details and return the form to the school office. We are unable to administer medicine without a completed form.

GFS Medical Form 1 GFS Medical Form 2