May 26, 2015


We believe the part parents play in their child’s education is vital. Encouragement and interest in your child’s education and school life are essential factors, and will give great benefit to your child.

We recognise the important part you play in your child’s education. You know your child best. We work to achieve a community where parents and teachers can approach each other with ease to talk about questions of current practice, continuity and, of course, children’s development and progression. We hope this relationship will offer all parents the genuine opportunity to share in the development of educational priorities for the children and enable our children to feel secure in the knowledge that home and school are working in partnership. We communicate to all parents through regular newsletters each term, focussing on curriculum and age group specific updates. Parents’ evenings are held annually to review your child’s progress, however class teachers are pleased to make additional appointments throughout the year to discuss any aspects of schooling with you.