For a few years, Tesco has teamed up withGroundwork to deliverits Bags of Help initiative across England and

The initiative means community groups and projects can

receive funding of up to £4,000.

We applied for this initiative at the beginning of the academic year and we are pleased to announce that our school
project has been accepted! From the 1 st March ‘til the 30 th April, our project will be one of the three options available
for Tesco customers to vote for. Depending on how many votes our project receives, we will be entitled to either a
£1,000, £2,000 or £4,000 grant.
The money which we receive from this initiative will go towards creating an outdoor movement sensory pathway for
our children to use as a sensory break. Please show your support for our project and help us to improve our school
by using your Tesco blue tokens (received when paying at the till or self-serve) to vote for our project.
You will be able to vote for our school at the following Tesco locations:
– Bicester Tesco Superstore
– Bowmont Square Tesco Express
– Hart Place Tesco Express
– Southwold Tesco Express
– Langford Tesco Express
Thank you for your support and happy voting!