A Day in Ancient Greece!

On Friday 18th September, we stepped into our time machine and spent the day in Ancient Greece! Lauren from Portals to the Past visited and helped us live like a Greek!

The children arrived in amazing Ancient Greek costumes ready for a day of discovery. They were immediately learning about how the Ancient Greeks lived with a quiz at the start of the day. After break, everyone had the chance to play an Ancient Greek game called Pattea and solve a puzzle like Aristotle. They also tried on the armour of a hoplite, a foot soldier, and behaved like a warrior! Shouts of “Oi!” were heard as they called their opponents to battle.

Everyone also really enjoyed taking part in the Olympic games. All competitors competed bravely, with winners from both classes. In the end Athens were victorious!

The whole day was a great success and the children were sad to have to step into their time machine again at the end of the day to return to 2015!

Have a look at the photographs below showing some of the exciting activities the children took part in.

IMG_1525 IMG_1543 IMG_1539